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Shippers Insurance Program

offers DISCOUNTED shipping insurance coverage for packages and LTL truck shipments.


Packages shipped to locations in the US/Canada that are under

70 pounds and incorporated through a small package carrier system (usually not on a pallet).


Shipping from your company’s location to another location within the USA/Canada.

Ask about international locations. Some country restrictions apply.


Less than truck load (LTL) Freight are products transferred via truck on pallets. These are normally larger and/or heavier type shipments.


Packages shipped from another location to your company's address.

Save With Shippers!

Automatically cut your shipping insurance costs in half or more when you start insuring with the

Shippers Insurance Program.

Continue to pass along the carrier's insurance rate to your customer, but pay Shippers Insurance's discounted rate and add profit to your company. 


Choose to pass along the discounted rate directly to your customer. 

Bottom Line, you can “add profit” to your shipping department!

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