Q: How can SHIP-INS help my business?
A: SHIP-INS provides insurance for your package shipments with discounts up to 65% less than UPS, Federal Express, DHL, U.S. Postal Service and most other small package carriers. In addition to this significant savings, SHIP-INS provides superior customer service and claims processing.

Q: How can the savings be so great? How can SHIP-INS charge so much less than the carriers?
A: The carriers are in the shipping business, not the insurance business. Their rates are higher because they provide insurance to all shippers, whether they are professional shippers or not. SHIP-INS is exclusively in the insurance business. We provide insurance solely to commercial shippers who pack professionally, label well and usually experience fewer losses. As a result, we provide the insurance savings you deserve.

Q: How do I stop insuring with the carrier?
A: Simply stop recording 'declared or insured value' with the carrier. You don't have to say anything to them. Our customers have never had any trouble switching over to our program.

Q: How do we pay for insurance through SHIP-INS? How do we report?
A: It's simple. In most cases, we will calculate the premium for you using our Automatic Monthly Reporting system. No extra paperwork!!!
   1) e-mail your shipping file to us each month (simple instructions will be        provided depending on which type of manifest system you have).
   2) Your premium will be calculated and your invoice will be faxed to you.
   3) Send SHIP-INS a check for the premium amount by the 10th day of the        following month.

Q: How do I file and receive payment for a claim?
A: First, submit your claim to the carrier to receive their $100 automatic coverage payment. Next, complete our brief claim form and SHIP-INS will pay the balance of the claim within seven working days. For a copy of our claim form, click here.